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Projects: JoJo puts her best hoof forward

Highlights from the JoJo's Jump Positivity Tour

Determined little pony JoJo put her best hoof forward with a virtual book tour in March. The star of JoJo's Jump by Stephanie Mason and Natalie Merheb was celebrated with a seven-day 'Positivity Tour' on Instagram. A host of bloggers joined JoJo's journey to self-belief, each sharing review, photos, play set-ups and crafts, as well as a different affirmation card each day. The full pack of affirmation cards can be downloaded from Stephanie's author website: "A lovely tale which will nurture confidence and resilience in our little ones!" @the.babblingbookclub "Such a heartwarming, inspiring picture book! @lightsoutwithlouise "A sweet story of friendship and determination, of believing in yourself and courage. A tale to reinforce that it’s not that you can’t do something, it’s that you can’t do it YET!"


"Delightful and bright illustrations take the reader from JoJo’s stable through to her being encouraged by her friends, as she takes flight over her first obstacle but fails to land it... This would be a lovely addition to a classroom setting to chat about self-belief and the power of yet."


"Teaches about companionship, kindness, compassion, determination, positivity and self-belief. The story is easy for young children to follow and the rhyming scheme makes it roll off the tongue. My almost-3-year-old really engaged with the story and its characters. It’s always a good indication to me of how much she likes a book when she asks to read it multiple times in one sitting."


"Such an adorable story! All about resilience, having a positive mental attitude and overcoming obstacles. It was a hit with J and I loved the really cute illustrations too." @mumwhatmay

"A tale of self-belief, self-determination and success! It’s not always easy to face your fears and try new things, but this is a perfect little picturebook to model the importance of putting your best foot (hoof) forward and just trying! A delightful story with an important message."


Watch an Instagram reel of tour highlights here and below:

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