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Projects: Mia Makes a Meadow Blossoms on Instagram

Highlights from the Mia Makes a Meadow book tour

The release of Mia Makes a Meadow by Rachel Lawston and Beatriz Castro (Pikku Publishing) was celebrated on Instagram with a spectacular tour. It was so exciting to see all the different ways the story inspired everyone who took part. An uplifting story with stunning illustrations, it received glowing reviews and bloggers shared beautiful photos, crafts and play set-ups in response to it.

"A wonderful book that has truly captured my heart." @mammy_gittins

"A beautiful story celebrating nature, friendship & community... Overflowing with plants & creatures to spot, complete with a page of delights at the back, just so you don’t miss any!"


"This is the follow-up to Finn’s Garden Friends and it is another lovely story that celebrates the outdoors on our doorstep."


"This is a great story to teach kids they can grow things whatever space they have available and wherever they live... proves just how wonderful nature can be."


"I loved the facts at the end and illustrations of plants, pollinators and other insects, which we can use for 'spotting' in the story. A wonderful read that highlights how amazing nature truly is and how it can bring people together. @littlec_readingcorner

"A beautiful book filled with wildflowers and minibeasts... a story written with heart and filled with wildlife and wonder." @edspire "A beautiful tale of perseverance, problem-solving and community... the illustrations are a treat - so much rich scope and opportunities for learning about minibeasts, plants, flowers and lifecycles. The story concludes with some truly fabulous informational pages on meadows and their wildlife."

@claramariafiorentini "The PERFECT picture book to kick off these glorious spring days. ‘Mia Makes a Meadow’ is just breathtaking, each page is so beautiful, and the story is inspiring and uplifting: a real community spirit tale... It's so refreshing to see a story set in a block of flats with a courtyard - so many children do not live in a detached house with four symmetrical windows and I feel like this is all we see!" @lightsoutwithlouise "What a gorgeous spring treat this book is! A beautiful and vibrant celebration of community, re-wilding and nature. There's lots to love here, but I particularly like the representation within this book - a lovely intergenerational relationship, a single parent family and a block of flats not a detached house with a garden. There's also so much wildlife to spot within Beatriz Castro's incredible illustrations which are buzzing with colour and life." @mrsbrownsbookbox Watch an Instagram reel of tour highlights here and below:

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