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The Happy Hedgerow branches out with an exciting blog tour

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

We celebrated the launch of The Happy Hedgerow by Elena Mannion and Erin Brown (Pikku Publishing) with an Instagram tour. This involved different children's book influencers sharing reviews, and other content inspired by the story, on specific dates.

With an eloquent, uplifting text and beautiful illustrations, The Happy Hedgerow gently impresses the importance of nature and conservation on children. We were delighted with the wide variety of positive and creative responses to the book. Here are a few highlights...

“Both a celebration of nature's richness and a stark reminder of how precious our landscapes and ecosystems are, The Happy Hedgerow is perfect for little nature lovers.” @teenyreaders

“Old Oak feels like a warm and nurturing character that you just want to throw your arms around and hug!” @mammy_gittins “A beautiful book which, like its subject, is bursting with life and the splendor of nature … a glorious celebration of Ireland and the UK's largest natural habitat.” @picturebooksnob “I truly haven’t read a book like this before - the personification of the trees, birds and creatures really makes you empathise and think twice about what we could be doing to help … this is a new viewpoint for me and really made me think.” @lightsoutwithlouise

“The text and story are beautiful, informing us of the importance of our hedgerows. The illustrations are truly charming & detailed, with so many native birds, animals & insects to spot.” @juliecurtin14 “There are some lovely images, especially when depicting Old Oak’s friendship with Blackthorn and Hawthorn … it would be the perfect companion for a nature walk.” @todayweread “This book captures the beauty and complexity of the humble hedgerow … it gives a comforting, cosy feeling and I could imagine being wrapped up by the fire as a child with my grandparents reading this to me.” @mrsbrownsbookbox “What a wonderful invitation into the autumn season and the wonders of life within the hedgerow.” @claramariafiorentini “This delightful story is the perfect starting point to explore the balance of habitats and wildlife around us.” @mumwhatmay

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